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Even when they long to go abroad to “see the country”, people tend to invent all sorts of excuses not to travel. Money worries, fear of loneliness, lack of language skills or more simply the choice of destination are all reasons likely to put projects on hold and turn future language students and potential expatriates into dissatisfied sedentary people

To inspire you to book that famous ticket, here are some of our favorite reasons – out of hundreds – why you’ll never regret going abroad:

You will expand your horizons culturally and emotionally

One of the best parts of traveling is the opportunity to be part of a world different from your own; many new foods, another language, another social approach, changing rhythms, religions and customs. At first, these differences may seem strange – but give yourself time to absorb them. You will be surprised how much your own world will expand after discovering another one.

You will learn the correctness of the expression “we are all in the same boat”

In our home country, our personal problems can seem terribly painful. Fortunately, traveling is great for gaining a new perspective on life and helping us understand that everyone on the planet (except those facing dire situations like civil violence) experiences exactly the same hardships, sorrows, and joys as ours in their daily lives. Realizing this fact is anything but boring; on the contrary, it is incredibly refreshing!

You will get great mentions to add to your cv

Use your experience abroad to add spice to a resume. Living abroad – whether it’s a long trip or a real experience of living abroad – offers expatriates and hardworking travelers a few extra bonuses: practicing a foreign language, volunteering for a good cause and working part-time. These opportunities will not only enrich your experience, but they will also increase your future employability.

You will practice your language skills

Have you always dreamed of going to a French high school or secretly wanted to learn Japanese? Channel that energy into a trip abroad and you’ll take your level up a notch. Any progress is important and if you stay long enough in a country, you will soon become fluent in the language!

You will learn to communicate across cultures

Whether it’s buying fresh produce at the market, giving directions to a taxi, or just having a chat over a cup of coffee, cross-cultural communication can be challenging! But it is also extremely rewarding. With practice, you will quickly learn to communicate complex ideas more simply and to trust the signals of your interlocutors when they try to put you on the right track.

You will get out of your comfort zone

If there’s one way to stay exactly who you are, it’s to never question yourself or take on anything truly new. But where would be the fun? The secret ? Challenge yourself and learn to meet them. There are no rules for a “good challenge” – it could be a conversation with strangers, a solo trip or a visit – or even a stay – in a country you ignore everything. Once you complete this challenge, the next one will seem much easier!

You will find that even “bad times” will teach you something

Venturing outside your comfort zone is not always without problems. At times, one can feel lonely and confused or face a more tangible problem like losing their passport or running out of money. Sure, these experiences aren’t in the top 10 on your list, but remember: once the wound heals, you’ll have learned something valuable – like trusting your instincts, chatting with other travelers in your youth hostel or open yourself up to new situations.

You will create memories for life

If there is one thing that has attracted travelers since the dawn of time, it is to create memories. Whether it’s gorgeous views, bizarre new foods, nature experiences, or the exact moment new friendships were born, your memories of trips abroad will stay with you long after the ink of your passport has dried up.

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