reasons to go on a trip

Are you a little reluctant to go on a trip? Bivouak gives you 15 good reasons not to hesitate any longer: personal enrichment, discovery, encounters… The trip will bring you many positive things!

So why go on a trip?

1- escape the daily routine

Subway, work, sleep, the daily routine can be heavy. Leaving is a good way to cut this one short and live beautiful and new experiences! Forget unimportant things.

2- enrich yourself personally

Leaving allows you to discover new countries, new cultures, new ways of thinking, and it is the mixture of all this that will allow you to enrich yourself personally, but also to reconnect  with nature .

3- meet new people

Leaving opens you up to the world and allows you to meet new people. Especially if you decide to make your trip alone. Alone, for example, you will be better able to talk to new people and make friends.

4- having a good time

But traveling is above all about having a good time! Meet people, see beautiful landscapes, discover new cultures

5- get out of your comfort zone

Traveling away from home takes you out of your comfort zone. Problems, loneliness, doubts, all kinds of things that will make you question yourself. Traveling allows you to challenge yourself and learn how to meet them.

6- leaving to come back better

Yes, you are going to leave far from your loved ones, for a while, this may prove difficult, but when you return, you will only be happier to find those you left behind when you left!

7- improve your skills

Whether on a personal, professional or linguistic level, leaving, traveling will allow you to develop new skills, discover new ones and develop those already acquired.

8- gain self-confidence

When you find yourself on the other side of the world, alone, without necessarily speaking the language of the country where you are, without knowing where to sleep, if you are going to eat, etc. you will doubt a lot, question yourself, but above all you will find solutions and gain self-confidence

9- the opportunity to participate in unique events around the world 

Traveling the world can give you the opportunity to participate in events that do not take place in France and that you will surely only do once in your life!

10- have no regrets

You will have discovered new countries, new cities, cultures and people, new ways of living and thinking, you will have made the most of what life has to offer. No reason to regret having missed out on something!

11- fulfill your dreams

And what pride to be able to say “I realized my dream”.

12- have cool stories to tell

When you get home, you can tell great stories to your friends, family and loved ones. And what better way to illustrate a story than to have beautiful photos to show? And if you don’t know how to do it, we explain how to take beautiful landscape photos !

13- live in the moment

Traveling is learning to appreciate the little everyday things that seemed trivial to us. It’s about living in the present moment and savoring every moment of it.

14- any experience, even bad, is good to take!

Leaving is not always easy, but despite the problems you will encounter, you will notice that all experiences are good to take and will serve you for the future.

15- see the beauty of nature

You will discover magnificent landscapes, a world of infinite richness. Don’t forget to take souvenir photos! But when you travel, pay attention to your surroundings. We explain how to travel while respecting nature .

We managed to convince you to go travel? For the more intrepid among you who would like to get started, we also reveal some tips for you to embark on a world tour !

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