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Faced with a plethoric offer in the hotel industry, it is not always easy to find the right accommodation for your holidays. Whether you are a sportsman, a partygoer, a young couple on honeymoon, a family with children or even a fan of fitness… Everyone has their own criteria for selecting the best hotel best suited to their needs. their needs and desires for a successful holiday, with no unpleasant surprises on arrival!

Especially because a bad experience happens very quickly, and can indeed ruin your stay! So, how can you be sure not to be disappointed on arrival?

Why take the time to choose the right hotel before booking a stay?

Indeed, poor accommodation that does not meet your expectations can ruin your stay . The reasons can be multiple: a noisy neighborhood, a closed reception, a bed with questionable hygiene, an alternation of temperature (hot/cold) for lack of being able to regulate the heating or air conditioning correctly, unpleasant staff, etc.

Therefore, to avoid unpleasant surprises, the first thing to optimize is your search. What is your research protocol? Maybe you go through a tourist guide book/blog?

Do not neglect this step and do not book the first comer because the price was attractive! Take the time to find out about the accommodation in question so that it does not disappoint you.

Choose a hotel according to your desires and your needs…

The recipe for a successful holiday therefore consists of various ingredients. The choice of your hotel is essential!

However, you need to determine your desires beforehand . Therefore, you need to ask yourself different questions. Would you like a hotel in the heart of a cultural city full of history or rather out of the way? Do you prefer a hotel that is ecologically committed in order to participate in sustainable tourism ? What services do you need? Make a list of your minimum requirements, such as a high chair, a suitable bed for your baby, flexible meal times or babysitting. Are these services free? If there is an additional cost for these basic services, you may find that the hotel is not as child-friendly as it makes out.

8 tips for choosing the right holiday hotel!

1. Choose a prime location

When on vacation, location is everything , especially if it’s a short stay and you don’t have any personal transportation. It is therefore up to you to determine it according to your interests!

However, if your budget allows it, do not rent an outlying hotel on the pretext that it is cheaper. There is nothing more painful than wasting your time in a taxi to get downtown. In the end, it may even cost you more than you thought. Therefore, in order to make the most of your stay, be strategic and play the proximity card!

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2. Start your research in advance to get the best prices

Of course, the price per night must be interesting and justified . In order to get the best price, and if you can, it is essential to book the room(s) well in advance, especially if you have a specific destination and dates!

At the same time, online booking sites regularly offer promotions and/or interesting offers. Do not hesitate to consult them regularly so as not to miss them.

3. Think about proximity to public transport

In order to save yourself a lot of fatigue, it is wise to check whether public transport is nearby. We advise you to take a look at the city’s transport map. In this way, you can, first of all, look at the best served neighborhoods then, secondly, do not hesitate to look for opinions on the spotted neighborhood.

Depending on your expectations, you will easily know if the neighborhood is noisy or rather quiet, and also find out about its safety, a point sometimes forgotten, but to be taken into account if you are staying with family or friends. (e)s, and in particular, if you plan to return to your room late at night!

4. Identify the amenities and services offered by the hotel

Depending on your requirements, the services offered vary enormously from one hotel establishment to another. It is therefore essential to inform yourself well beforehand, so as not to be disappointed!

To have a pleasant stay, the hotel must have basic amenities , such as air conditioning, Wi-Fi, breakfast, on-site restaurant or lounge bar. For more comfort and pleasure, a hotel that offers a transfer to the station or the airport is appreciable.

Also check whether the hotel offers different formulas (simple or “ all inclusive ” formula ), especially if you no longer want to worry about anything during your stay!

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