Finding the right food and good source of water during the 12 days Everest Base Camp trek itinerary might come off as a challenge when you are not there yet. But, despite the rural conditions of the place, the EBC trail has an adequate amount of places where you can find both food and water. When you are on your way to EBC by trekking or on a helicopter tour, it really does not mean that you should fetch places for food. There are plenty of guesthouses, eateries, as well as teahouses that are going to provide you with a full day of regular meals. If you want some special and luxurious food, this might, on the other hand, be a challenge when you are in a rural area like the Khumbu region in Nepal.

Make sure you read till the end of this article to learn everything you need to about food and water on the EBC trail!

Where can you find food and water on the EBC trail?

Wondering where one can find food and water on the EBC trail is a question almost everyone willing to go to the EBC trek has. There are enough places to find food and water. Carrying along your own bottle of water as well as snacks is a great way to reduce hunger when you are not willing to go to guesthouses and eateries just about any time of the day. There is always an option to purchase extra food. Mind you, you might feel a bit pocket-conscious when you are buying readymade food that they import from the city areas, which costs them more than the normal price due to travel.

However, you can find food at guesthouses on the EBC trail. Needless to say, since EBC is one of the most visited places in Nepal, there are lots of teahouse businesses that thrive with the help of visitors that go there every year. So, it really would not be tough for you to find a decent place for either food or water.

What do guesthouses serve on the EBC trail?

Having a full-course meal on your visit to the EBC trail is not a matter of trouble. You can have all breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the guesthouses here. Water is just as easily available anywhere you go to eat. We have listed down everything you need to know about the food they serve in guesthouses on the EBC trail below;

1. Breakfast

For breakfast, you will get food options like bread, butter, pudding, eggs, juice, tea, etc. Most of the time, the food served comes as a package deal. When you are buying food for a certain time of the day, you are likely to get a whole plate of food that is going to keep you full for that time frame. Plus, buying juice and tea in addition to your breakfast plate is completely optional but quite preferable.

2. Lunch

As rural as the EBC trail is, you can find several options for lunch here. It ranges from the preferable Daal bhat set (lentils with rice, vegetable curry, meat, pickle, etc.) to Tibetan bread with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian side dish options, which are all very filling and healthy, or you can simply order yourself some pizza and pasta, sandwiches, or meat soup. The lunch option really is not as limited as one might think. It only takes you to find the right place to eat.

3. Dinner

A lot of trekkers tend to lose their appetite by the nighttime when they are in the EBC trek. But this does not mean that the options are limited for dinner. Several guesthouses in the EBC area have options for the regular Dal bhat set, Tibetan dumplings, bread, pizza, pasta, sandwiches, as well as noodles and porridge.

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