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Mountain holidays in summer offer many possibilities for a pleasant and natural stay with the family. We explain why!

Family summer mountain vacation

It’s almost summer vacation! And like every year, you are looking for an attractive destination for you and your family. And if you opt for a stay in the mountains? France indeed has some of the most beautiful natural elevations in Europe. You just have to choose one and take a tour together. Reputed to be not fun, a stay in the mountains has many advantages. In this article, we explain why the mountains are a very good choice for family holidays this summer.

Accommodation in the mountains is economical

One of the main advantages of mountain holidays is the cost of accommodation. In summer, you will find a lodging there for a really modest sum. The prices are 2 or even 3 times cheaper than in the regions of the south of France at the same time. And if you start the search a little earlier, you will even find rental offers offering a second week free for a booking week in July and August.

The mountain, a perfect destination for children

For summer holidays with the family, we generally prefer to walk by the sea or enjoy the freshness of a spring of water with the children. This time it’s time to do something original. By opting for a stay in the mountains, you will allow your children to contemplate something other than what they are used to seeing. They will take full view. We all know how immense their curiosity and thirst for discovery are from the age of 2 years. This trip to the mountains will be for them the opportunity to experience a unique moment in the heights in the middle of nature.

Enjoy an exceptional landscape

Going to the mountains is like going to the prairie or going on a safari. You come into contact with nature and you contemplate the landscape. As a family, the experience is even more unforgettable. Whether you choose the Alps, the Pyrenees or Corsica, you will see how breathtaking the landscape at height is. The opportunity for you to show your children the happiness that contemplation brings. A holiday style to please the whole family !

From one village to another, you will together appreciate the many facets of this mountain environment. Altitude lakes with changing colors, glaciers, stretch of larch, herd of mouflons… the mountain leaves no room for monotony. And what about sunrises and sunsets; they will simply amaze you. Moments to immortalize with your family with a series of photos.

Holidays in the mountains to escape the heat wave and enjoy clean air

Going on vacation in the mountains this summer is a very good solution to escape the summer heat waves. If it is true that the rise in temperatures also affects the mountains, it must be recognized that the air remains cooler there. The nights are slightly colder there given the altitude.

The mountains are also ideal places to escape pollution, traffic jams and the hubbub of the edges of the coast. Once there, you and your loved ones will enjoy a breath of fresh air in the heights.

The possibility of practicing many outdoor activities with the family

In the mountains, you will be amazed at the number of activities that it is possible to practice as a family. Hiking is naturally the flagship activity in this natural environment. If  you are traveling with small children , it is advisable to favor walks leading to water points to motivate them. Indeed, they will be able to follow the rhythm knowing that on arrival they will have a lake to have fun.

With your family, you will also have the opportunity to go mountain biking, horseback riding, tobogganing in the many existing stations. And even better, you can go for a walk with a donkey or a llama; a very interesting experience for children.

Enjoy local heritage and flavors

The mountain heritage is so rich that you will not regret coming with your loved ones for these holidays. If you choose Haute Savoie as your destination, you will visit the famous Baroque trail, its monuments and its churches. In most of the mountainous regions of France there is a lot to see and a lot to learn.

In terms of gastronomy, the best experience to have in the mountains with your children is to visit a cheese dairy. You will find enough of them in the Alps. Cheese is a mixture of tradition and passion for the inhabitants of the mountains. To taste authentic cheeses, these are the places to go.

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