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Tourism India official experts have provided a destination guide for Mussoorrie. Here is everything you need to know about the top 5 places in Mussoorrie as a tourist in India.

One of the most popular hill stations in India, Mussoorie, although not an official summer capital like other hill stations, was one of the summer resorts of the British during the colonial period , not only for its cool climate but also for its scenic beauty. which never fails to leave an impression on anyone who witnesses it. Resting on the foothills of the  Garhwal Himalayan Range, the hill station is famous for its blue, misty and snowy hills, its bright and green valleys, its distant views of the Ganga and Jamuna rivers, as well as the valley of Doon and the city of Dehradun which it overlooks. A charming little vacation in this picturesque hill station, traveling its winding roads on a clear sunny day would be a holiday dream. To help you get through this vacation, here is a guide to Mussoorie vacations for tourists. You should have an Indian Visa for tourism coming to India.

Indian Visa Online Mussoorie Lal Tibba

Lal Tibba which means ‘Red Hill’ is located about 6 kilometers from Mussoorie, in Landour, and is the  highest point in Mussoorie  from where you will have stunning and stunning views of the whole hill station, in especially when viewed through one of the many telescopes installed here. It is a cantonment now occupied by the Indian Army but you can still visit it when you visit Landour which is what you must do if you are in Mussoorie. On the way to Lal Tibba, you might see houses of famous writers such as Ruskin Bond, which would be an opportunity no book lover would pass up. The best time to visit this place would be from March to July when it is not too cold and you can enjoy pleasant summer skies and a cool breeze.

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Kempty Falls

Situated distance between Mussoorie and Dehradun, Kempty Falls , situated at an elevation of 40ft, takes its name from the phrase ‘camp and tea’ which has been associated with it due to the huge tea parties that used to take place here at the era of British rule in India when it was a picnic destination. It is still popular among tourists as a picnic destination where one can enjoy seeing cascading water and swimming in one of the channels in which the water stream is divided. You can see tourists swimming and bathing here all year round and enjoying the beautiful view and time with their loved ones. On the way to Kempty Falls you may also stop at Mist Lakewhich is surrounded by green forests on all sides and where you can also go boating while enjoying the beauty of the place.

The end of the cloud

Cloud’s End is located at the very  end of Mussoorie town  and offers the most splendid views of the oak and Deodar forests that surround it and the valley of the River Aglar that it overlooks. The highlight of the place is of course the fluffy white clouds that always seem to be engulfed and the peace and quiet this place has, away from the main hill town, offering a retreat in nature . Not only is the place perfect for nature lovers, but you can also stay in many hotels and guesthouses. The buildings here would charm anyone with the remnants of British architecture they proudly display. , if you want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the city and be surrounded splendid views and welcome silence.

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Gun Hill

tourists for its very interesting history. First, it would be  an extinct volcano in Mussoorie, which makes it quite a fascinating place to visit, and secondly, it is historically significant in Mussoorie because the story goes that during the time of British rule when the township was just beginning to be populated, the British brought a cannon to the hill which would be fired each day to let the townspeople know when they could reset their watches. Even though this canon has long since been retired, the name has stuck with this place. Gun Hill also has a cable car with ropeways allowing tourists to get a great view of the city from a good height.

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