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Spending a good family vacation can seem complicated and even mission impossible when you go with your children.

We are waiting for them impatiently, often for a long time… Far be it from us to want this moment, supposed to be pleasant, to turn into a nightmare.

We too have tested family holidays. So here are some of our tips for having a good time with your family during the holidays.

Thanks to these few simple tips, it’s up to you to make your holidays unforgettable and… relaxing moments !

And keep in mind while reading this article that we only have 18 summers to spend with our children.

These moments, these memories of family vacations are precious , take good care of them. They are treasures.

1 / Put tranquility on the program

When you decide to go on vacation , it’s basically to relax and rest. But the reality, especially when you’re at the head of a large family, is that a trip can be far from a cakewalk.

Even being under the sun and with your feet in the water (or the snow), it is sometimes difficult to manage to relax (word of mom

Taking care of your children all day long is indeed a full-time job… which never takes time off and is unpaid.

However, having a great family vacation  is not mission impossible.

A trip to a heavenly place with your children will only be enjoyable if you force yourself to have the right mindset from the start.

Getting out of your comfort zone can be scary, it’s true.

But the children feel the stress of the parents, so you have to try as much as possible to take it upon yourself to stay calm whatever the situation.

Easier said than done ! especially in traffic jams, overloaded trains or waiting at airports… For these moments of waiting, we take out our weapon: our Wander World travel diary which will keep the children occupied (coloring pages, stickers, drawings…).

Try to consider this family adventure as a unique moment to escape from the daily grind, and not as a chore.

Be aware that nothing will be as you planned. Give way to the unknown, let yourself be surprised. I swear to you that we take a liking to it.

Here are some tips to maximize your chances of making your vacation with your toddlers the best of your life for them and for you

Sometimes, parents tend to favor places that have always made them dream.

However, children will be an integral part of the adventure. Their presence must therefore also be taken into account.

Don’t forget that going as a family also means being able to offer activities adapted to the youngest. We must not forget that they too would like to have a good time.

Is embarking on a trip to the end of the world with two young children really doable? The road trip you’ve always dreamed of in Iceland can probably wait… until they grow up.

Sometimes you have to lower your requirements to guarantee all members of the family a truly successful holiday . This rule applies as much to parents of young children as to parents of pre-teens or teenagers.

Indeed, nothing is worse than a vacation with a teenager who spends his time on his phone or who sulks.

For example, a trip to the hinterland of Nice can be negotiated with teenagers with an outing to Monaco and be amazed by the yachts and other racing cars.

Ditto for Barcelona, ​​where a visit to Casa Battlo can be negotiated with an afternoon at the beach or a visit to the FC Barcelona stadium . I promise you it works

2/ Organize upstream = concrete organization!

Preparation in advance is essential if you want to have a good family holiday .

“Blind” vacations with only the destination as a reflection risk turning sour.

Spend some time (thanks to Google) creating an itinerary tailored to the wants and needs of each family member.

For example, planning a whole day in museums is suicidal when the children are really young. Even if a priori, going to the park is not one of your priorities, it must be included in your schedule.

Keep in mind, however, that more and more museums are thinking of our little darlings and offering fun tours

Always keep in mind that children need to let off steam, so it is better to plan ahead than to have to deal with angry children.

For trips with babies, take the time to find out before departure about everything that the accommodation can provide you with (stroller, high chair, baby food, etc.). This will save you from arriving and having to go shopping.

It is also important to know the accessibility of the places you plan to visit. Sometimes it is better to go without a stroller but with a baby carrier. Nothing is worse, for example, than visiting Paris with a pushchair… unless you don’t take the metro!

3/ Provide music

It is said that music softens morals… Nothing better to brighten up car journeys and avoid monumental disputes than turning on the car radio.

You can plan a “holiday special” playlist with all the hits that we enjoy singing at the top of our lungs… especially in traffic jams! I can tell you that it is life changing and it allows us to create so many unforgettable memories.

This play list is also very useful for rainy afternoons or to improvise mini-booms after returning from a walk.

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